Angel And Badman Cast
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The Angel And Badman Cast: A Closer Look at the Characters

When it comes to iconic Western films, "Angel and Badman" is undoubtedly a timeless classic. Released in 1947, this black and white movie continues to captivate audiences with its compelling storyline and memorable characters. Let's take a closer look at the remarkable cast that brought this film to life.

John Wayne as Quirt Evans

At the center of the story is the legendary John Wayne, who portrays Quirt Evans, a notorious gunslinger with a dark past. With his rugged charm and commanding presence, Wayne effortlessly embodies the role of a conflicted yet charismatic character. Quirt Evans finds himself torn between his violent past and the love of a good woman, creating a captivating dynamic throughout the film.

Gail Russell as Penelope Worth

Playing the role of Penelope Worth, Gail Russell delivers a remarkable performance as the innocent and kind-hearted Quaker girl who falls for Quirt Evans. Her delicate beauty and genuine portrayal of Penelope make her a perfect match for John Wayne's character. Russell's on-screen chemistry with Wayne adds depth and emotion to the film.

Harry Carey as Marshal Wistful McClintock

Harry Carey portrays Marshal Wistful McClintock, a wise and experienced lawman who becomes a guiding figure in Quirt Evans' life. With his calm demeanor and fatherly presence, Carey brings a sense of stability to the film. His character serves as a moral compass for Quirt, encouraging him to seek redemption and leave his violent past behind.

The Supporting Cast

Aside from the main cast, "Angel and Badman" boasts a talented ensemble of supporting actors who contribute to the film's overall brilliance.

Bruce Cabot as Laredo Stevens

Bruce Cabot takes on the role of Laredo Stevens, a rival gunslinger who adds tension and conflict to the story. His portrayal of a menacing antagonist showcases his versatility as an actor.

Irene Rich as Mrs. Worth

Irene Rich plays the role of Mrs. Worth, Penelope's mother, bringing warmth and wisdom to the film. Her character's unconditional love for her daughter serves as a reminder of the power of family bonds.

Tom Powers as Frederick Carson

Tom Powers portrays Frederick Carson, a wealthy businessman who is interested in Penelope. His presence adds an element of social class and highlights the societal challenges faced by the characters.

Frequently Asked Questions about the "Angel and Badman" Cast

1. What other movies did John Wayne and Gail Russell star in together?

While "Angel and Badman" is their most notable collaboration, John Wayne and Gail Russell also appeared in the 1943 film "The Sea of Grass" together.

2. Did John Wayne win any awards for his performance in "Angel and Badman"?

Although John Wayne's performance in "Angel and Badman" received critical acclaim, he did not win any awards specifically for this film. However, he remains one of the most celebrated actors in Hollywood history.

3. How did the "Angel and Badman" cast contribute to the film's success?

The exceptional performances by the cast, particularly John Wayne and Gail Russell, brought depth and authenticity to the characters. Their chemistry and talent helped create a timeless Western that continues to resonate with audiences today.

In Conclusion

The "Angel and Badman" cast played a pivotal role in making this film a true masterpiece. John Wayne's portrayal of Quirt Evans, Gail Russell's endearing performance as Penelope Worth, and the supporting cast's exceptional talent all contributed to the film's success. Their dedication and skill brought the characters to life, allowing audiences to immerse themselves in this captivating Western tale. "Angel and Badman" remains a testament to the enduring power of cinema and the extraordinary talent of its cast.

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