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The Cast of Angel and the Badman: An Iconic Western Film

Angel and the Badman is a classic Western film that has captivated audiences since its release in 1947. Directed by James Edward Grant, this timeless movie tells a story of redemption, love, and the clash between good and evil. The film's cast is composed of talented actors who brought these characters to life, making it a memorable experience for viewers.

The Protagonist: John Wayne as Quirt Evans

John Wayne, a legendary figure in Western cinema, plays the lead role of Quirt Evans. Evans is a notorious gunslinger who becomes injured and is taken in by a Quaker family. As he recovers and spends time with them, he starts to question his violent past and ultimately finds redemption. Wayne's portrayal of Evans perfectly captures the conflicted nature of the character.

The Antagonist: Bruce Cabot as Laredo Stevens

Opposite John Wayne, Bruce Cabot portrays Laredo Stevens, the film's antagonist. Stevens is a ruthless outlaw who is determined to eliminate Evans. Cabot's performance as Stevens showcases his ability to bring out the darker side of his character, creating a compelling dynamic with Wayne's Evans.

The Love Interest: Gail Russell as Penelope Worth

Gail Russell plays Penelope Worth, the love interest of Quirt Evans. Worth is a kind-hearted Quaker woman who sees the good in Evans, despite his checkered past. Russell's portrayal of Worth adds depth to the story and provides a catalyst for Evans' transformation.

Supporting Cast:

1. Harry Carey as Marshal Wistful McClintock

Harry Carey delivers a remarkable performance as Marshal Wistful McClintock. McClintock is a wise and experienced lawman who provides guidance to Evans throughout the film.

2. Irene Rich as Mrs. Worth

Irene Rich portrays Mrs. Worth, Penelope Worth's mother. Rich's portrayal of Mrs. Worth is both tender and strong, reflecting the resilience of a Quaker woman in a harsh environment.

3. Lee Dixon as Randy McCall

Lee Dixon plays Randy McCall, a young man who is infatuated with Penelope Worth. Dixon's portrayal of McCall adds an element of youthful enthusiasm to the film.

The Themes Explored in Angel and the Badman

Angel and the Badman delves into various themes that resonate with audiences, even today. Some of these themes include:

  • The power of love and redemption
  • The conflict between violence and pacifism
  • The importance of forgiveness and second chances
  • The struggle between good and evil
  • The exploration of personal growth and transformation

Frequently Asked Questions about Angel and the Badman

1. What is the significance of the title, Angel and the Badman?

The title reflects the central conflict of the film, with "angel" symbolizing Penelope Worth's pure and forgiving nature, and "badman" representing Quirt Evans' violent past.

2. Is Angel and the Badman based on a true story?

No, the film is not based on a true story. However, it draws inspiration from the themes and archetypes commonly found in Western literature and cinema.

3. What makes Angel and the Badman a classic?

The film's enduring popularity can be attributed to its well-crafted story, compelling performances, and its exploration of timeless themes that resonate with audiences of all generations.


Angel and the Badman remains a beloved Western film that has stood the test of time. The exceptional cast, led by John Wayne, brings depth and authenticity to the characters, making the film a must-watch for any fan of the genre. With its exploration of themes such as love, redemption, and personal growth, this iconic movie continues to captivate audiences and solidify its place in cinematic history.

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