Kino Der Toten Easter Egg
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What is the Kino Der Toten Easter Egg?

The Kino Der Toten Easter Egg is a hidden secret in the popular video game Call of Duty: Black Ops Nazi Zombies mode. It is a complex and challenging puzzle that players can solve to unlock special rewards and achieve a sense of accomplishment. This Easter Egg is a highly sought-after feature, and many players spend hours trying to uncover its secrets.

Uncovering the Steps

The Kino Der Toten Easter Egg consists of several steps that players need to follow in order to successfully complete it. These steps involve interacting with various elements within the game, such as shooting specific objects, activating hidden switches, and deciphering cryptic messages. Each step requires a keen eye for detail and problem-solving skills to progress further in the Easter Egg.

Step 1: Activation

The first step of the Kino Der Toten Easter Egg involves activating the mainframe by locating and interacting with three hidden teddy bears scattered throughout the map. These teddy bears emit a distinct sound when approached, helping players identify their locations.

Step 2: Teleportation

After successfully activating the mainframe, players need to teleport to the Pack-a-Punch room by using the teleporters located around the map. This step requires precise timing and coordination with other players to avoid being overwhelmed by the hordes of zombies.

Step 3: The Film Reels

Once in the Pack-a-Punch room, players must find and collect three film reels hidden within the map. These film reels are usually located in hard-to-reach areas or behind hidden walls. Players need to explore every nook and cranny to uncover these valuable items.

Step 4: Projector Activation

With the film reels in hand, players must return to the main theater and activate the projector. This step requires precise timing, as players need to insert the film reels in the correct order to reveal a hidden message.

Step 5: The Hidden Code

Once the hidden message is revealed, players need to decipher a code using various clues scattered throughout the map. This step often involves solving riddles, translating Morse code, or decrypting secret messages. It requires a sharp intellect and attention to detail.

Step 6: Boss Battle

After successfully deciphering the code, players are ready to face off against the final boss. This boss battle is intense and challenging, requiring precise teamwork and coordination to defeat the powerful enemy and complete the Kino Der Toten Easter Egg.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long does it take to complete the Kino Der Toten Easter Egg?

A: The time required to complete the Kino Der Toten Easter Egg varies depending on the player's skill level and familiarity with the steps. On average, it can take anywhere from one to three hours.

Q: What rewards do players receive for completing the Easter Egg?

A: Players who successfully complete the Kino Der Toten Easter Egg are rewarded with various bonuses, including powerful weapons, additional perks, and an enhanced gaming experience.

Q: Can the Easter Egg be completed solo?

A: Yes, the Kino Der Toten Easter Egg can be completed solo, but it is significantly more challenging due to the high number of zombies and the need for precise timing and coordination.


The Kino Der Toten Easter Egg is a captivating and challenging hidden secret within the Call of Duty: Black Ops Nazi Zombies mode. It provides players with a unique and immersive gaming experience, rewarding them for their dedication, problem-solving skills, and teamwork. Successfully completing the Easter Egg offers a great sense of accomplishment and unlocks exciting bonuses that enhance the overall gameplay. So, gather your team, embark on the adventure, and unravel the mysteries of the Kino Der Toten Easter Egg!

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