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Skyrim Corundum Ingot Id: Crafting and Usage Guide

Skyrim, the beloved open-world fantasy game, offers players a vast array of items to discover, craft, and utilize in their adventures. One such valuable resource is the Corundum Ingot, a versatile material used in various crafting recipes. In this guide, we will delve into the world of Skyrim Corundum Ingot Id, exploring its uses, how to obtain it, and the best ways to make the most of this valuable resource.

What is Skyrim Corundum Ingot Id?

Skyrim Corundum Ingot Id is a unique identification code assigned to the Corundum Ingot item within the game's programming. It helps players identify and interact with the item, whether it be for crafting purposes or trading with vendors. The Corundum Ingot is a metallic material that is primarily used in blacksmithing and weapon/armor crafting.

How to Obtain Skyrim Corundum Ingot Id?

There are several ways to obtain Skyrim Corundum Ingot Id:

  1. Mining: Corundum ore veins can be found throughout Skyrim's vast landscape. By equipping a pickaxe and locating these veins, players can mine corundum ore, which can then be smelted into corundum ingots at a smelter.
  2. Merchant Traders: Various blacksmiths and general goods merchants across Skyrim may have corundum ingots available for purchase. Keep an eye out for these traders during your travels.
  3. Enemies and Loot: Some enemies, such as bandits or Dwarven automatons, may carry corundum ingots in their inventory. Explore dungeons and defeat foes to potentially find this precious resource.
  4. Quest Rewards: Completing certain quests within Skyrim may reward players with corundum ingots as part of the quest's loot.

Uses of Skyrim Corundum Ingot Id

Skyrim Corundum Ingot Id has several important uses in the game:


Corundum ingots are a crucial component in blacksmithing, allowing players to craft and enhance various weapons and armor. Some notable examples include:

  • Corundum weapons: Crafting powerful swords, axes, and bows using corundum ingots.
  • Corundum armor: Crafting sturdy helmets, chest pieces, and gauntlets using corundum ingots.
  • Corundum ingot recipes: Unlocking new blacksmithing recipes by smelting corundum ingots.


Skyrim Corundum Ingot Id can also be used as a valuable trading commodity. If you have excess corundum ingots, you can sell them to blacksmiths, general goods merchants, or other players for a tidy sum of gold. This can help fund your adventures and allow you to purchase other valuable items.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are some frequently asked questions about Skyrim Corundum Ingot Id:

1. Where can I find corundum ore veins?

Corundum ore veins can be found in various locations, including mines, caves, and mountains. Some notable locations include Redbelly Mine, Gloombound Mine, and Steamscorch Mine.

2. Can I smelt corundum ore without the corundum ingot id?

No, you need to smelt corundum ore at a smelter to obtain corundum ingots. The corundum ingot id is essential for crafting and trading purposes.

3. Are there any alternative materials to corundum ingots?

Yes, some other materials can be used as alternatives in certain crafting recipes. However, corundum ingots are a reliable and commonly used material, ensuring the durability and effectiveness of your crafted weapons and armor.


Skyrim Corundum Ingot Id is a valuable and versatile resource that players can utilize for blacksmithing, trading, and enhancing their gameplay experience. By mining corundum ore, defeating enemies, or trading with merchants, players can obtain corundum ingots and unlock a world of crafting possibilities. So, venture forth into the land of Skyrim, armed with the knowledge of Skyrim Corundum Ingot Id, and forge your path to greatness!

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